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Amazon ATES – Opportunity to be an entrepreneur

Knowledge is power and one can get the power of eCommerce industry by being Amazon Trained eCommerce Specialist or ATES. Happy to share and announce that I got an opportunity to add ATES feather in my cap as an entrepreneur and an eCommerce consultant. There are very few such programs which give you a platform and ATES is one of them.   This program has been designed by Amazon to provide an opportunity to every individual to be an entrepreneur and help sellers to come on-board. This program is a win-win situation for both entities (Seller as well as ATES), since seller does not pay anything to ATES and ATES gets rewarded for its effort to get seller on-board based on their pre-defined parameters.   Today, I with my wife completed my ATES training through Safe Educate and got a fantastic overview & knowledge of this training with help of very experienced trainer Amit Soni. Success of any training depends on two key factors – a good trainer and good trainer requires curious & enthusiastic participants. I was lucky to have this combination and sincerely thank Safe Educate team with special mention to Amit Soni to give his best to train us on  this course. He delivered this program to equip us with enough knowledge to begin.   If one really wants to know more about this program, can reach...

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Review – BNI Member Success Program 2.0

Weekly presentation, Featured Presentation, Building Trust to get referrals are few of the useful topics which really makes BNI Membership Success Program useful, powerful and important. A twist and value add by chapter executive directors Mr. Anupam Kaushal and Mrs. Anjali Chowdhry makes it more interesting.

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Using referrals innovatively to grow business

It is now three months since I became a member of BNI. I am a member of the BNI Ulti-Mates chapter in South Delhi, a young but vibrant chapter that is set to go from strength to strength. In just about twelve weeks I have formed enduring bonds with a cross-section of SME entrepreneurs like myself and the power of business networking is apparent. When relationships based on trust and likability have been formed, business is bound to grow and you are bound to get referrals. ‘Givers gain’ is BNI’s philosophy, indeed its DNA, and its power cannot be overstated. If you are constantly looking out for how your group members can provide services to your customers, you stand to gain from BNI’s unique referral marketing techniques and grow your business. As we say in BNI: what goes around, comes around. BNI’s referral marketing techniques have got me thinking of another way of growing one’s business. How about building a referral clause as part of a business agreement? Let me elaborate. Every business relationship that we get into starts, and should start, with defining the terms of engagement. You define expectations, payment schedules, non-disclosure clause, termination or disengagement clause, as also any other clause to avoid confusion or conflict during the life of the project. Why not include a referral clause as part of the agreement? There is positivity...

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On-page SEO: More than just meta tags

The biggest mistake while doing on-site SEO for websites is stuffing meta-tags with targeted keywords. No doubt meta tags are importance while doing SEO, but merely doing meta-tags will not help you to meet the criteria of a complete on-site SEO of web pages. There are several other factors which affect the evaluation criteria of search engines while evaluating the content of the web-page. These factors can be categorized broadly as web page content, HTML tags and overall page architecture from search engine perspective. Web-page content does not mean stuffing keywords in heading and body content along-with ALT tag in images. It means a web page should have well written good quality content in context to relevant keywords. When we refer to relevant keywords, they need to be well researched. They should drive targeted traffic while people search for your content. Web page content should have phrases and keywords people might type in the search box for relevant information. Other than quality content and related keywords, your content should be engaging. If you are getting a good volume of traffic on targeted keywords, but the bounce rate(percentage of people who came to your page and left without interacting further) of your page is high, it will drop the search engine ranking position of your web page. While ensuring the content quality, content research, content keywords and engaging content, you...

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